Lucent Dans Theater
April 2, 2015

Making a Difference Through Dance

Switch is a charity organization founded and operated by the dancers of NDT.

Dance Switch Charity garphic

Our Mission

The Switch Project by NDT dancers will collaborate closely with charitable organizations by supporting their causes through both financial support and by offering our service. Our mission is to create a platform for dancers to share their time and expertise while supporting charitable organizations, providing vital outreach to underserved communities worldwide.

Raise money for charitable organizations.
Share Artistry
Enable NDT dancers to share their experience and artistry in underserved communities, and to encourage volunteerism within the NDT community.
Provide Human Capital
Collaborate with organizations by offering our time and energy to help them achieve specific outreach goals.

dancers provide outreach
to underserved communities

Donate Now

The Switch Project is an ambitious undertaking and despite our unwavering confidence and belief in the project, its success will depend on the generosity and support of people like you. We hope you'll consider sponsoring Switch by making a donation or by providing an in-­kind donation of products or services. By contributing to Switch and the Switch Project you will be instrumental in providing the NDT dancers with the very special opportunity to inspire and connect with underprivileged communities.

Thank You

We would be enormously grateful to receive your support. You can make donations on the following details:


Nederlands Dans Theater t.a.v. Switch
Den Haag
IBAN: NL66 ABNA 0886284007

Nederlands Dans Theater is a cultural ANBI organization.

Dance for a Cause

Performance Information

Evening Details

Lucent Dans Theater, Den Haag
April 2, 2015

€35 / €10 (under age 27)


to be announced

Switch Team

This years Switch team is made up of 7 dancers from 4 different countries. We've all come together to make Switch an unforgettable night where art and exploration can join one another to benefit those in need around the world. We're excited to share this year's program, which will present 13 emerging choreographers as they explore what it means to be a creator, designer, and choreographer in the world of dance.

• Rupert Tookey (United Kingdom)
• Brett Conway (USA)
• Gregory Lau (USA)
• Grace Lyell (United Kingdom)
• Myrthe Van Opstal (Nederlands)
• Meng-Ke Wu (Taiwan)
• Imre Van Opstal (Nederlands)


Switch Production Team
Schedeldoekshaven 60
2511 EN Den Haag

Collaborating Partners

Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
AIGHD click to learn more
ArtAids click to learn more
Medical Action Myanmar
Medical Action Myanmar click to learn more
Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development

AIGHD is an academic collaboration between the Academic Medical Centre, the University of Amsterdam, the VU University of Amsterdam, and non-governmental organizations. AIGHD links disciplines, resources, and innovative programs from academic institutions and implementing partners in both the developed and developing world, with the ultimate aim to lead the way to access to high quality health care for all inhabitants of this world. It aims to provide sustainable solutions to major health problems across our planet, by forging synergies between disciplines, health care delivery, research, and eduction.


ArtAids employs art in the fight against Aids by inviting leading artists to produce work dealing with Aids and related issues. These works of art are used to raise public consciousness and to encourage involvement. ArtAids furthermore initiates and supports projects aimed at preventing and fighting Aids.

The ArtAids foundation was set up by the Dutch writer and art collector Han Nefkens, owner of the H+F Collection. Nefkens’ discovery in 1987 that he was HIV positive brought about a radical change in his life. He came to realise that he was living in injury time; each moment is important to him. Han Nefkens sees the intensity of that experience reflected in the world of art, and has decided to use art to increase awareness of the Aids problem and to improve the lives of those living with HIV.

Medical Action Myanmar

Medical Action Myanmar is a Dutch medical aid organization, whose mission it is to improve access to health care for the poorest of Myanmar people. The motivation for the creation of this NGO comes from the large unmet health needs, the very small amount of international aid and the tragic consequences this has for the health status of the Myanmar people. The initiative is from Dr Frank Smithuis (previous director Medecins sans Frontieres Myanmar 1994-2009), Mr Rene Mous, Dr Ni Ni Tun and Dr Tun Tun Lwin, who are working with a team of very committed and experienced national health professionals.

Tickets: €35 / Under age 27: €10 BUY TICKETS NOW